■n and approval at t●he Third

s Congress (NPC),?/h2>

grim and compl◆ex economic situatio■ns at home and a■broad, the p■eople of all■ our ethni■c groups, under◆ the leader

sh●ip of the 〓Communist Part●y of China

?and also fo〓r comme

(CP〓C), thoroug●hly implemented ○the Scientific Out◆look on Develop■ment. Based on the n○ational economic a■nd social developme●nt plan ad〓opted at the ●Second Session of ●the Eleventh NPC, ○we took

nts and■

suggestions fr◆om the

mainta■ining steady a〓nd rapid econom〓ic development as ◆the primary task〓 in our economic○ work, followed a◆ proactive f◆iscal policy 〓and a moderately ea●sy monetary policy○, fully impl◆emented and

members o

f ■the National Com●mittee

◆made constant addi○tions and improve●ments to the pack〓age plan for respond■ing to the g●lobal financial cr●isis, and stopped t■he signifi●cant decline in econ■omic growth rate. ●As a result, our 〓co

of the Ch

untry was on●e of the first● in the world to ac■hieve overall econ〓omic turnaroun●d. We also achieve◆d significant res●ults in our work t●o sustain economi◆c growt

h, adjust 〓the econ

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